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This informative website offers suggestions about aspects of a house flip which may not occur to many interested parties. This house flip guide presents research topics which may need to be considered, specific house element details for information purposes, and a guide to the steps which may need to be followed for an effective, profitable, flip of a house.

Numerous hyperlinks, original checklists, and detailed insight from an experienced construction worker with fifty years in and around flips, remodels, and new construction give this information credibility not typically found online or in printed material. See what you find. The website is supported by text ads throughout the pages. When you find an ad of interest to you, click on it to follow your needs and interests. You pay nothing for this service. The advertiser sends pennies to the website to support it online. This house flip website does not offer items for sale. It is strictly informational.

Here are the three focus aspects of this website. Click on each to find helpful information which is intended to make your next project a successful house flip.


No flip will be successful without a majority of these research topics investigated before purchase of the property. After you have purchased is too late to do the research necessary to be sure this is the right project for you at this time.


Each of these details should be investigated to see if the construction aspect is pertinent to your next project. You may not plan for greenhouse windows. But by visiting this page, there may be a thought which crosses your mind that may mean higher profit or quicker sale. Visiting each of these detail pages will provide a comprehensive look at all the possibilities  so a decision can be made.


Any project needs a plan. A flip plan is made up of things which need to be done. Each of these steps is allowed a specific amount of time to be completed. Many of these activities are running at the same time. For example, the outdoor landscaping may need to run concurrent with roof repair. Construction workers are used to working around  other trades. By overlapping tasks in time, the work can have enough time to be completed without the rush to finish which always costs more money than is planned.

Repeat this phrase five times before going on to visit other aspects of this website:

Every house can not be flipped by every person for a profit every time.



Prepared 2006-2011 David Ullian Larson

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